Materials electrochemistry

We are interested in a wide range of materials with potential electrocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic activity, to understand the mechanism of their action, optimisation and degradation.

In particular, layered transition-metal compounds and doped carbon materials have found significant interest as PGM replacement catalysts. Recent projects have included:

  • investigations into the effect of doping, pH, and morphology of MoS2 on its catalytic properties
  • degradation of MoS2 and renewal of catalysis
  • multi-element doping of graphenic materials and catalysis of oxygen reduction in alkaline pH

We also include support materials, and the use of hybrid supports to improve the lifetime of electrocatalysts, e.g.

  • Manganese oxide-graphene oxide supports for Pt catalysts in methanol oxidation
  • Pervoskite-graphene supports for oxygen reduction in alkaline pH
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